Central Florida Community Orchestra Presents:

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back in a orchestra and playing my cello regularly again! My first concert with the Central Florida Community Symphony Orchestra is coming up on Friday, June 20th. It is open to the public! If there are any musicians out there who have never heard of CFCArts or were on the fence about joining….definitely join!

See details below:

Save the date! CALLING LONDON: TWO SIDES OF THE BEST OF BRITISH MUSIC will be performed by our CFCArts Symphony Orchestra on Friday, June 20th. Over 100 musicians will come together to play everything from Jupiter from The Planets (Gustav Holst) and Pomp and Circumstance (Edward Elgar), to The Who, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Coldplay and The Beatles. Tickets are on sale now at http://cfcarts.com/events/

Red Pumps & Bike shoot!

Here are some more of me from the photoshoot I had with the lovely Deborah Fuentes, an incredible Orlando Photographer! It was an absolute joy to have her photograph me & eat indulgent breakfast food together at White Wolf Cafe.

P.s. notice the cool as heck Pizza for President sticker that I have on my sweet Roadmaster.

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Stay Outside – From Indian Lakes

Stay Outside – From Indian Lakes

Off of their sophomore album, Able Bodies, Stay Outside and Paintings are stand out tracks to me. I had the good fortune of catching this band live several times when they opened for my favorite band Lydia last year. From Indian Lakes is a real treat if you are a fan of Circa Survive’s Anthony Green’s musical vision, but maybe not so much his voice. From Indian Lakes’ vocalist Joey Vannucchi’s dark lyrics are countered by his melodic style and vocal energy. I decided to give Able Bodies some attention after it having spend 6 lonely months in my glovebox. Since then I have been spinning this album for 2 weeks straight without any plans of replacing it quite yet. Get into it.

Pumps & Pints Photoshoot

I had a little photoshoot with my friend & Orlando photographer, Deborah Fuentes, this morning just before the rain came down!
I am working with her a few other ladies on an up & coming web-based Orlando Magazine called Pumps & Pints, in which I will lend a hand in writing. For the site, we wanted to be portrayed in a way that was most “ourselves”. More news to come on all of that! In the meantime here is a photo from this morning, I edited it a little, but the rest are all in the process of being edited by Deborah and I am excited to see the finished products!


Local Love – Kyle’s Bike Shop

I recently struck gold while rummaging around a pawn shop near my house and found an incredible deal for a 2010 Dawes Ladie’s road bike. I have been happily commuting to work on it for the past two weeks, but soon realized that the toe guard straps were broken and that I was clueless on how to change the front gears on it (cycling beginner here, people). My next day off I took it in to Kyle’s Bike Shop, which is where a few months back I purchased a lovely 1970’s AMF Ladies Roadmaster. That bike is just cute-as-a-button to cruise around on, but not exactly speedy enough for me to get to work on Little Econ Greenway. My first experience purchasing a used bike from them went off without a hitch and I felt more helped than sold-to, so I decided to take my new bike in for some TLC.
Sitting in the heart of the Milk District, on the corner of Primrose & Robinson, Kyle’s Bike Shop is a throwback to what I imagine my dad meant when he would talk about mid 20th century small shops treating their customers as new friends. I was fearing that it would be staffed by pretentious cyclers, getting paid to talk down to you but I found the complete opposite. With all four of the guys helping me out, they all were very happy to and great at explaining in depth even the the most basic questions like “how do I clean this chain?” and “how do I change these front gears again?” They even followed their advice with inviting me to the bike shop’s evening cycling group that departs at 7pm every thursday, which usually ends with everyone grabbing a beer!
The pricing is very reasonable as well, my tune up mainly included cleaning my bike chain, reducing tension on the brake cables, readjusting the handlebars completely, removing my broken toe guards and re-doing the taping on its handles totaled out to $65. When I was at the register, the mechanic who was ringing me up even said that if I want to learn how to start cleaning and maintaining my bike chain, I can watch them do it the next time I bring it in for a tune up so that I can start doing it on my own. Knowledge!
So if you’re looking to get a new/used bike, needing advice on riding/caring for your two-wheeled baby, or even just want to be a part of Orlando’s biking community, Kyle’s Bike Shop is a great place to stop.