Sucré & The Honey Trees hitting the road.

In 2009 The Honey Trees released an ep called Wake the Earth that knocked me off my feet. I had heard about them the way that I hear about most of the music that I love, they had a connection to my favorite band Lydia. Becky Filip, dreamy lead vocalist of The Honey Trees is also an amazing artist as well and did the alum art for Lydia’s most celebrated (and most tattooed) album, Illuminate.

Lydia - Illuminate (2008)

Lydia – Illuminate (circa 2008) Art by Becky Filip

Look familiar? If not, it should. 

I own a good handful of Filip’s prints in my home, which served as constant reminders over the years that the had yet to release a full album. 5 long long long years later with no touring, they finally released their full length Bright Fire. The album shows growth and more male vocals from Jacob Wick. If you want music that will make you feel like you’re eating s’mores and drinking cinnamon coffee on a windowsill on a rainy day or driving through a forest (also eating s’mores), then this is it. Much like the ep, it’s a stunning display and amazing success for such a long awaited debut album.

1395898858_rdfd a1906254598_10

Now they are finally hitting the road with Sucre ( Stacy King, formerly of Eisley). Sucre is another artist who’s album A Minor Bird is amongst my all time favorite debut albums. Her voice is delicate and is backed by ethereal, open, dreamy instrumentals. A match made in my brain’s heaven.
Tour starts this fall, I am still trying to see if I can make it to the Atlanta date since they aren’t touring in Florida nor the west coast (why?!) so I don’t have an excuse to fly home YET. However the night is young, perhaps more dates will be released, but this official tour date press photo released yesterday from Sucre’s doesn’t seem so promising for additional cities.



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