Miniature Tigers

I’ve been back and forth with myself the past couple of weeks on whether or not I am going to see Miniature Tigers play on August 10th at The Social.

The last time I saw them play was probably in 2010 at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, back when the band was still so AZ that the singer played the whole set wearing a Mexican poncho. I haven’t been keeping up with any albums past Fortress (2010). I let that album plant roots deep within me after a few go arounds, I wasn’t sure if I was feeling it at first because the vocals and song flow are super unique…but I grew to love love love it. Since then they released two more albums, Mia Pharaoh and Cruel Runnings. I gave those both a decent shot but I don’t feel a connection to either of them. To me, a lot of the band’s raw quirkiness was replaced by some kind of seemingly forced, new age 80’s style dance music. I don’t know if it was the influence that relocating to NYC for them or just a wanted change, but I’m not fully on board with it.

I doubt that they’d play many songs from Fortress or Tell it to the Volcano at the show in August, but maybe seeing new songs live would change my opinion.

The moral story is give Miniature Tigers a listen, my opinion may be quite different than yours. I’m no stranger to polarized fan bases as bands grow and change with time. All four albums are up on Spotify, load them up one of these days and take a nice long bike ride to Tell it to the Volcano.


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