Foodie Files – Ethos

Last night my boyfriend & I made one of our frequent stops into Ethos to satiate our vegetarian craving for really well cooked Chick-un and collard greens. If you haven’t already been, you should make a trip to the corner of Fairbanks and New York Ave. in Winter Park for this Vegan Kitchen very very soon.

Ethos 1


The first time that we had gone we had not even switched over to our vegetarian and pescetarian diets, and the absence of meat/animal by-products was not at all missed. The interior of the place is has a very modern yet comfy look, with a few hints of old train station decor and covered in huge framed art…it kind of reminds me of a Brooklyn converted warehouse apartment. Lovely!

Ethos 2


I ordered the “Blackened Tempeh” which came with mango salsa, a bed of collard greens, black beans, all on top of batsmati rice. It tastes like a well crafted, light and savory Chipotle rice bowl. (see image below) My boyfriend got the BBQ Chick-un which tastes like (and is even more tender than) a thin cut chicken breast, all done sans-animal. The BBQ Chick-un entree came with collard greens as well, and mashed potatoes with a vegan gravy that is buttery & delicious.

Ethos 3


Vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, carnivore…no matter what you identify as, if you love FOOD then you should definitely have a meal at Ethos. For about 11 dollars per person, you’ll get your money’s worth in taste, service, (ethics) and atmosphere!



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