The Cloak and Blaster

If you’re looking for a nerdy good time, The Cloak and Blaster pub in Orlando will take good, geeky care of you.

My boyfriend and I made the journey out to the UCF area to try it out and I was greeted by the entrance to the Mines of Moria:


So naturally I spoke “Mellon” and entered.

I located my boyfriend over by the window, I guess it wouldn’t have been appropriate for just the two of us to sit at the main dining table. Which was situated below a gigantic mural of the dinner scene from The Hobbit.


Our waiter was kind and extremely helpful, the service was all around good minus one not so kind waitress who decided to tell us 4 hours at a table was too long and people were waiting for a table (no one was waiting for a table).


But, it was chalk full of puns and reference from almost any fandom imaginable, the drinks and beer cocktails were great and the bar food was decent in taste, but stellar in menu titles (i.e. PO-TAY-TOES for tater tots)!


Pictured above are the Dragon Eggs (spicy chicken nuggets)

Overall, atmosphere alone is worth the trip, it was filled with a wide mix of people that I didn’t expect to be in a gaming pub, along with a mix of people that I complete did expect to be in a gaming pub. It was nice to be in a place that didn’t feel exclusionary or pretentious. It was just a good time.


I mean, just look at this whimsical receipt:


Thank heavens we made it during Hobbit Hour.


Pizza celebrates her 4th month on planet Earth!

My pup recently turned 4 months old, so we celebrated by wearing her out at Lake Eola. She does not like swans.

Pizza Celebrates 4 months on Planet Earth from Rebecca Lindsey Green on Vimeo.

Sucré & The Honey Trees hitting the road.

In 2009 The Honey Trees released an ep called Wake the Earth that knocked me off my feet. I had heard about them the way that I hear about most of the music that I love, they had a connection to my favorite band Lydia. Becky Filip, dreamy lead vocalist of The Honey Trees is also an amazing artist as well and did the alum art for Lydia’s most celebrated (and most tattooed) album, Illuminate.

Lydia - Illuminate (2008)

Lydia – Illuminate (circa 2008) Art by Becky Filip

Look familiar? If not, it should. 

I own a good handful of Filip’s prints in my home, which served as constant reminders over the years that the had yet to release a full album. 5 long long long years later with no touring, they finally released their full length Bright Fire. The album shows growth and more male vocals from Jacob Wick. If you want music that will make you feel like you’re eating s’mores and drinking cinnamon coffee on a windowsill on a rainy day or driving through a forest (also eating s’mores), then this is it. Much like the ep, it’s a stunning display and amazing success for such a long awaited debut album.

1395898858_rdfd a1906254598_10

Now they are finally hitting the road with Sucre ( Stacy King, formerly of Eisley). Sucre is another artist who’s album A Minor Bird is amongst my all time favorite debut albums. Her voice is delicate and is backed by ethereal, open, dreamy instrumentals. A match made in my brain’s heaven.
Tour starts this fall, I am still trying to see if I can make it to the Atlanta date since they aren’t touring in Florida nor the west coast (why?!) so I don’t have an excuse to fly home YET. However the night is young, perhaps more dates will be released, but this official tour date press photo released yesterday from Sucre’s doesn’t seem so promising for additional cities.


Miniature Tigers

I’ve been back and forth with myself the past couple of weeks on whether or not I am going to see Miniature Tigers play on August 10th at The Social.

The last time I saw them play was probably in 2010 at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, back when the band was still so AZ that the singer played the whole set wearing a Mexican poncho. I haven’t been keeping up with any albums past Fortress (2010). I let that album plant roots deep within me after a few go arounds, I wasn’t sure if I was feeling it at first because the vocals and song flow are super unique…but I grew to love love love it. Since then they released two more albums, Mia Pharaoh and Cruel Runnings. I gave those both a decent shot but I don’t feel a connection to either of them. To me, a lot of the band’s raw quirkiness was replaced by some kind of seemingly forced, new age 80’s style dance music. I don’t know if it was the influence that relocating to NYC for them or just a wanted change, but I’m not fully on board with it.

I doubt that they’d play many songs from Fortress or Tell it to the Volcano at the show in August, but maybe seeing new songs live would change my opinion.

The moral story is give Miniature Tigers a listen, my opinion may be quite different than yours. I’m no stranger to polarized fan bases as bands grow and change with time. All four albums are up on Spotify, load them up one of these days and take a nice long bike ride to Tell it to the Volcano.

Snap! Gallery

Snap Gallery has opened its permanent home in the Mills 50 District. The layout was gorgeous, the artwork on exhibit were incredible. Snap! makes a point to showcase the photographic artistry in the pieces they have on exhibit, and each piece whether it was digital art or paint on canvas had a great photograph quality. There was a heavy fingerprint left by German Muralist, Mark Gmehling. His work was peppered throughout the gallery’s interior, however the stand out exhibit is the permanent mural Gmehling painted on the gallery’s exterior wall.








Calling London Concert

I performed in my first symphony concert in a solid 5 years this past weekend and it was an incredible feeling to be back up on a stage. The second half was unbelievable to perform and I was amazed at how many people turned out in general, but also how many of my friends and coworkers came out in support! Here are some of my favorite photos from the night taken by the wonderful Deborah Fuentes.

DSC_0945 DSC_0987 DSC_0993 DSC_0979web DSC_1017web


If you are a musician in Central Florida and want to join Central Florida Community Arts, check them out here and can get involved. You won’t regret it! Even if you aren’t a musician and just want to stay up to date with upcoming events, events are constantly posted on there as well as their Facebook page. 

Foodie Files – Ethos

Last night my boyfriend & I made one of our frequent stops into Ethos to satiate our vegetarian craving for really well cooked Chick-un and collard greens. If you haven’t already been, you should make a trip to the corner of Fairbanks and New York Ave. in Winter Park for this Vegan Kitchen very very soon.

Ethos 1


The first time that we had gone we had not even switched over to our vegetarian and pescetarian diets, and the absence of meat/animal by-products was not at all missed. The interior of the place is has a very modern yet comfy look, with a few hints of old train station decor and covered in huge framed art…it kind of reminds me of a Brooklyn converted warehouse apartment. Lovely!

Ethos 2


I ordered the “Blackened Tempeh” which came with mango salsa, a bed of collard greens, black beans, all on top of batsmati rice. It tastes like a well crafted, light and savory Chipotle rice bowl. (see image below) My boyfriend got the BBQ Chick-un which tastes like (and is even more tender than) a thin cut chicken breast, all done sans-animal. The BBQ Chick-un entree came with collard greens as well, and mashed potatoes with a vegan gravy that is buttery & delicious.

Ethos 3


Vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, carnivore…no matter what you identify as, if you love FOOD then you should definitely have a meal at Ethos. For about 11 dollars per person, you’ll get your money’s worth in taste, service, (ethics) and atmosphere!